Aesthetics for men: Trending Procedures

Concerns about appearance are no longer exclusive to women. Men are gaining more and more enthusiasts! The demand for aesthetic procedures is on the rise among men, whether for personal or professional reasons. 

According to data, in some parts of the world, a man undergoes an aesthetic intervention every two minutes, ranging from simple procedures to plastic surgeries. 

This demand is justified by the increasing life expectancy, which has led to greater attention to health and well-being. Additionally, there is a reduced stigma regarding men’s esthetic care. In today’s article, I will discuss some of the most sought-after procedures for men:


Skin Cleansing and Peeling

Laser Hair Removal 

Botulinum Toxin and Facial Harmonization 



Let’s talk about each of these procedures.


Male Skin Cleansing


Men’s skin is characterized by being thicker, with enlarged pores and more active sebaceous and sweat glands. As a result, men are more prone to oily skin and perspiration. Consequently, especially during adolescence, the appearance of blackheads and pimples can be intense, justifying skin cleansing to control oiliness and reduce acne, which also helps in reducing facial scarring in adulthood.




Due to the characteristics mentioned earlier, men are more prone to acne scars than women, explaining the increased demand for peeling. This esthetic procedure involves a microdermabrasion that removes dead cells and promotes cell renewal, assisting in the removal of skin blemishes and acne scars. It is essential to apply sunscreen to the face after the procedure since the skin becomes more sensitive in the following days, and the lack of sunscreen can lead to the development of spots.


Botulinum Toxin


The application of botulinum toxin has gained significant popularity among men in recent years, especially for preventive care. This process induces temporary and controlled neuromuscular paralysis, preventing the formation of expression lines or reducing existing signs. With increased vanity among male audiences, the demand for this method has also grown, primarily to prevent the dreaded crow’s feet. It is important to note that the thicker skin of men may reduce the treatment’s durability, requiring a redo after 4 to 6 months.


Laser Hair Removal


An aesthetic treatment initially aimed at women has gained a male audience in recent years: laser hair removal. In general, men remove hair from different areas than women, with a focus on the chest, abdomen, arms, and back. However, some men also opt for treatment in intimate areas, facial hair, and legs. For many men, excess hair was an annoying issue that was difficult to address, as the use of a razor, for example, would thicken the hair and increase the chances of follicle inflammation. These issues are resolved with the new treatment.




It is an aesthetic procedure that aims to eliminate localized fat deposits in areas such as the thighs, abdomen, chest, hips, and arms. The equipment allows for cooling the treated area to between 19.4 and 14°F, causing freezing and subsequent rupture of the cells that are eliminated by the lymphatic system. This treatment helps men improve body definition, eliminate stubborn and difficult-to-remove fat deposits through exercise and diet, and boost self-esteem.


Facial Harmonization


This technique has already been embraced by various celebrities, such as DJ Alok and gymnast Diego Hypólito, among others. Facial harmonization encompasses a series of techniques that are selected based on the plastic surgeon’s personalized assessment. Procedures such as hyaluronic acid application, botulinum toxin, rhinomodeling, and lip augmentation, among others, can be performed. 

As this treatment is highly personalized, facial harmonization is suitable for men of any age who feel uncomfortable with minor facial imbalances. 

Now that you are aware of the procedures commonly used by men, don’t hesitate to consult a specialist. A personalized assessment by qualified professionals makes all the difference.


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