The Art of
Beleza Natural

Guided by the Brazilian philosophy of embracing your natural beauty, we use the highest-grade products to achieve harmony across your features through a number of different treatments. your result will always be elevated yet understated. new york sophistication with a touch of Brazilian charme.


Kybella is made up of a naturally occurring substance within the body, called deoxycholic acid; this is found within the liver and works to dissolve fat cells within the body. When injected into the targeted area, fat cells are broken down and absorbed, which means Kybella is a holistic and safe way to eradicate that problem area under your skin. This procedure is more than a cosmetic fix. It’s permanent.

IV Drip Therapy

While oral supplements travel slowly, IV therapy introduces nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The circulatory system immediately absorbs the nutrients, producing instantaneous results.

Be Beleza.
Be You.